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Monday, March 19, 2012

Animal Kingdom today!

   We had a good nights sleep and headed to Animal Kingdom for the morning. The weather was quite lovely. Not too hot. We love to take the Disney bus from Beachclub right to the park. Didn't seem like there were too many people there. It was early morning hours for Vacation Members. Nice...

Giraffe siting
    We headed for the Safari Ride. We practically walked right on. Hardly any wait time. It was a rockin roll ride. The driver was not a meadering driver. He really went to it. He stopped when there were animals to see.. Which was nice. Here are some pics of the animals I was able to get.
Posing for us
   We saw so many more animals than we normally have seen. We saw a girfaffe chasing some wilderbeasts. An ostrich came right up to the jeep and started chasing us as we left. The driver said they can peck you... I was glad it stopped after awhile   

   We walked around and saw as much flora and fauna as our feet would let us. This is a great park. We spend half the day there. We actually saw the back of the Tree of Life. I have many pictures of this tree. This was a great shot of the side toward Mt. Everest.
LOve the carvings
  We all stood behind these walls to get some interesting shots of us. I think they are a hoot.
We had a great day at Animal Kingdom. We rode
on a new ride that we had never been on called "Dinosaur". It was not a bad ride as rides go. I cloesed my eyes through alot of it, though.


Hee hee
   I am not sure what we are doing tonight, but I think we are going to Hollywood Studios to see fireworks and to play Toy Story Mania. We are resting our feet now. We will need the energy later.
   Here are some more pics of the Epcot Flower show from yesterday. Enjoy!

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  1. Yup! We are having a great time here at Disney!Sooooo much to see! So little time time to see everything! The weather is FABOOO!!! Love it!

    1. Great pictures especially the funny ones of all of you. The flowers look great! You have crocuses coming up in your garden here! Weather here is like Florida, 70 degrees today!!!

  2. Love the cut out pictures - hilarious!! Glad you are having a great time and so glad I got to see you this trip!