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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow...snow..and more snow..

View from side door.
 We have been enjoying the nice fluffy snow that we have been getting lately. It's really pretty and not to hard to move around.. The new snowblower works like a dream. Thank goodness we have it.
 We hung Mom's bird feeder to attract the birds to the breakfast window and it worked.. We have seen chickadees and a cardinal so far. We were really impressed with the birds at my
sister, Rochelle's home. They have quite a menagerie. I hope to get pics of our birds when they are used to coming around more  and seeing us.
   I have to thank my husband for hanging the pot rack that we purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. We got it for $20.00 which was a steal. We had to purchase the hooks online 'cause that's why it was twenty dollars. Love the look.  It really adds a little sparkle to the window. I love sparkle. The window looks out onto more snow... pretty snow. Our next winter project will be the island. I think we are going to add moulding to give it more presence. Also, we are looking into pendant lights over the island. I'll show you the pics when we are done. Hope the light snow stops soon. We have to go to Damriscotta  to our Dinner Club Group. Don't really like driving in the snow.

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  1. Cool pictures! I love your pot rack! Nice job, Russ! Can't wait to see some of the birds that visit!