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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Collage Couture

   I have been anxious to try out Julie Nutting's ideas from her book Collage Couture. It really is a wonderful book. My sister, Chris, has been working with Julie's work for a little while now and I have been impressed with her work, too.
First step
  I have been wicked busy with preparations for buying and selling our home, so I have been working for bits of times here and there. Today I took the WHOLE afternoon to complete this project. I used my Weight Watchers magazine and cut out a figure. I then used it as the template for my "girl". I also drew the arm separately, so I could place it on the "girl".
   Next, I cut the template out of cardstock. I added bits of paper here and there...I even cut out a harido from people magazine that I liked. I painted her pony tail hair on as best as I could.  I tried placing different elements on the board,but I wasn't totally happy.

Next step
   I used Claudine Hellmuth's paint  to paint the matboard... that really is the first step. Although you could paint the board after you have made your "girl".

   I decided against the big flower and opted to use my stamp sets: Embrace Life and Baroque Motifs from Stampin Up. I added blue stickles to the flourish and white paint to the flowers to soften them.
Martha Stewart's butterfly punch in shiny gray, I thought was a nice touch.
   I found the sentiment online and thought that it worked well here. I wish I had made the skirt shorter, but I am happy with my first try at Collage Couture. I plan on trying out some other ideas soon.. At least I hope I can with our condos  ready for showing to perspective buyers. Pray we sell right off..
  Oh by the way, this is the link to Julie Nutting's blog and her book, Collage Couture:  .Julie Nutting's Blog  


  1. Hi I saw this on SCS and I just had to come peek at your blog and see how you did it. So cool. I just got that WWer magazine, so I know that picture. LOL.
    In reading your profile, I see that you have retired from teaching. WOW. I retired last year from being a Speech Language Pathologist in the public schools. My DH hasn't retired yet, so I am enjoying some stay at home time.....never had that before. anyway, thought we had a lot of same things. Thanks for your information about your art piece.

  2. Hey this is cool! You and Chris are doing great with Collage Couture! Keep it up!!!

  3. Thanks for your comment. Isn't funny how much we can have in common with others. My husband is retired and we are having a ball. He has his hobbies and I have my passion: papercrafting. Love this mixed media "stuff". Just getting into that right now... Thanks again..

  4. Love your work on this project! I don't know which I like better... coming up with the background or designing the clothes. It is just plain fun!

  5. This turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharingConnie!