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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tate's of Bath,Maine!

    I just wanted to share pics of one of my favorite places to visit when I am in the city of Bath. Tate's of Bath is a great place to go for all kinds of crafts. I love their ribbon, lace, and other baubles that they sell . The prices are more than reasonable. The selection is awesome.

Ribbon for $.99
    I plan of visiting the shop as often as I can as they seem to add new items quite often.  They carry some cardstock from DCWV and other designer paper, too.
A few baubles                  
Lace by the bolt for around $3-$4.

More ribbon and lace

Great assortment

 They  also carry jewelry supplies that I tend to use in my cardmaking or for my shadow boxes that I am working on.

   I highly recommend Tate's for those of you looking to add to your supply of embellishments. You will really be surprised by what you can find there for a reasonable price. Happy Hunting... 


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos. Happy Mother's Day! :)

  2. Tate's is a fabulous place to go for your paper crafting supplies! I love how much they offer for such reasonable prices!! Love it, love it!Can't wait to go again!

  3. Tate's is a great place and you never know what you will find.

  4. Based on your blog posting, I detoured into Tates on my way back to Nova Scotia from Massachusetts. It was well worth the jaunt off the highway. Thanks for sharing this information :-)

  5. I am so glad you enjoyed your shopping at Tate's.
    Mr. Tate is such a lovely man... His whole family is quite nice and his prices I found very reasonable...Thanks for commenting...