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Monday, May 9, 2011

Finally Scrapbooking on Disney!

   I've been so focused on my cardmaking that  have not done any scrapbooking for a long while. I started scrapbooking first and then took up cardmaking. I've done some digital scrapbooking with Heritage Makers and really love that medium, too. I tend to mix hand done scrapbooking with digital. I do think digital scrapbooking takes less time...sometimes. Anyway, this is the page I've finished using Mosaic Moments technique and ideas.
Our Disney trip in 2008
   I love using the 1" squares with the larger sized pictures. In fact, I will take shots of flaura and fauna to use just to fill in around larger pictures. I purchased a punch that is a one inch square, so much easier.
   I am going to do another page in the same color on the other side, but not the same configuration. I'll post that next time.
   Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I couldn't agree more! Great page!

  2. I love how your page came out! I love Mosaic Moments! You have inspired me to do some Scrapbooking!!!

  3. Wow! Connie, your scrapbooking page is awesome. I love how you did the picture collage with 1" squares. This would take me all day to create ... lol.

  4. A job very nicely done!! Love how clear are the photos and for that reason fauna and flora look so vivid! TFS :)